COGITO4M is an enterprise scale mobile automated interviewing and interrogation system. It allows screening and investigation of many employees, travelers or suspect at crime scene. System operation is easy and convenient. It allows throughput of 6 people an hour per station. Light COGITO is addresses small medium investigation companies which are looking for "automated Polygraph" with simple operation and no need for special training.  


COGITO 1003 is an automated interviewing and interrogation Kiosk system which allows screening and investigation of many employees, travelers or suspects at crime scene. It can handle throughput of 6 people an hour, per station and does not require operator training.  One operator can handle 10 stations simultaneously.      


Central Management & Database System

SDS's central management and database system allows for storing all tests results, analysis, data mining and BI. The system is deployed and integrated with governmental agencies servers to allow intelligence flow and central management of SDS COGITO systems.

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