Artificial Intelligence based Coronavirus health declaration validation 

CORONA era international travel mitigation requires health screening of foreigners and returning citizens. Using health condition declaration self-reporting forms are part of the standard measures taken. SmartForms can serve health and border control authorities in their efforts to validate the reported information. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other algorithms and forms analysis, authorities can detect individuals who may pose a threat to public health. SmartForms   

  • Travelers declaration about health condition and proximity to known infected people – prior entering the country 

  • Vaccine compliance declaration 

  • COVID19 test verification   ​

  • Compliance with COVID19 regulations and requirements


How does it work?

16 years of servicing law enforcement and intelligence agencies allow us to offer you the most advance detection technology - SmartForms. This technology consist of an online test on computer, tablet or smartphone and include 5-10 questions. AI based advanced algorithms examines and analyze comparable patterns and leverage on accumulated big data. The tests results indicate subjects who have demonstrated irregular or specious reaction patterns. Test results can indicate which travelers  may endanger public health.    

Corona Mitigation

Border control, VISA, Custom 

Detection of false reporting in online forms of VISA application, border control forms and custom 

Pre-employment and Insider threat  

Employees post-employment test which may detect employees which conducted harmful acts Insider threat activities could include liking commercial secretes, theft or damage to company's reputation

Fin-tech self reporting 

False reporting in online insurance, Loan, Social benefit forms can be detected by a short test which indicate who among the applicants may hide significant information while filling up the online form